The actual development of 3d-printing technologies and their increasing commercial diffusion allow today to adopt a different model of industrial production more suitable to face the changing market conditions, strongly affected by the recession and by new demand factors (time-to-market, customization, low volumes and distributed logistics).

Our mission is to support companies to understand how their market is changing, which are the main application areas of additive-manufacturing, which technologies are available and the relative costs/benefits ratio, how innovative production processes can cooperate with those traditional, how the mentality of working people must change, which operational and financial tools can be used by organizations that decide to undertake this challenging and unavoidable route for innovation. 




To those companies that already use additive-manufacturing technologies, we are able to provide a wide range of services dedicated to the controlled and optimized management of product design and materials engineering, of 3D printing machines and related software use, of post-processing treatments for the parts produced.

But in particular we are specialized in the qualification and validation of the additive-manufacturing process to ensure quality, precision, reliability and repeatability through all phases of the production cycle. In ISO9001 certified organizations and in quite critical application areas like automotive (IATF16949), aerospace (ISO9100) and medical (ISO13485) sectors we are authorized to carry out independent audits according to the additional international standards available for the additive-manufacturing sector.